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Hi Tomasz, 
We are working on it - Meta pages will be updated today 
Mykola WMUA 

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Від кого: "Tomasz Ganicz" <polimerek at gmail.com> 
Дата: 19 листопада 2014, 21:27:30 

Why program is not on meta? There is still no page of the event on
meta. I am afraid - doing everything on google, facebook and closed
e-mail list is counter effective - many people who could attend won't
know about the event... There is also no public space to discuss the
program of the event.

On meta, the meetup page:


links to the meetup which took place in London:


2014-11-19 19:44 GMT+01:00 Levon Azizian < levonazizian at bigmir.net >:
> Dear friends!
> Following both our internal discussions and discussions on the mailing list,
> I would like to share with you the following information.
> 1. The dates of the CEEM-2014 are confirmed. We will host the event from
> December 19 (Friday) to December 21 (Sunday).
> 2. The place of the CEEM-2014 is confirmed. We will host the event at Kyiv
> National Linguistic University (5/17 Laboratorna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine).
> 3. Based on your suggestions, we have prepared the draft of the conference
> program. It's available under the link ( https://docs.google .
> com/spreadsheets/d/ 17J9U54pkxJ3Po2uncM2rzpU_ HbKU0seHAXV-eI4zuKY/ ).
> 4. WMF will provide a scholarship for representatives who don't have funding
> from their chapters (thematic organisations / user groups).
> 5. The registration form is here : http://goo.gl/forms/eIFTOHLguI 
> The details are available below.
> 1. The results of the poll about the suitable dates of CEEM-2014 are the
> following:
> * 16 votes for Dec 5-7;
> * 14 (+7 Ukr = 21) votes for Dec 12-14;
> * 18 (+10 Ukr = 28) votes for Dec 19-21;
> 2. We decided to host the conference in Kyiv because it's the most suitable
> from logistic point of view and the major part of our org team seats at
> Kyiv.
> 3. Still there can be changes, but not dramatic ones. So if you want to
> replace some topic and add another one which can be more interesting for
> community, you're welcome to do that. Speakers and moderators were chosen
> based on suggestions from all countries - you will be more than welcome if
> you can confirm it by providing names of speakers/moderators and their
> presentations/talks.
> 4. On Monday (Dec, 17) we have got a negotiations with WMF and they gladly
> confirmed that they are ready to give any assistance we need. We are also
> submitting a PEG grant request for other costs.
> 5. We want to finish last preparations: confirm the level of discount for
> hotel rooms, make last revisions in hosting university (f.e. Wi-Fi signal,
> etc.) and we don't want to ask you to fill a lot of forms, we want to
> provide only one which will contain all necessary information.
> Hope to see all you soon,
> Best regards
> Levon Azizian
> Vice-Chair of board
> Wikimedia Ukraine
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