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Levon Azizian levonazizian at bigmir.net
Wed Nov 19 19:44:36 CET 2014

Dear friends!

Following both our internal discussions and discussions on the mailing list, I would like to share with you the following information.

1. The dates of the CEEM-2014 are confirmed. We will host the event from December 19 (Friday) to December 21 (Sunday).
2. The place of the CEEM-2014 is confirmed. We will host the event at Kyiv National Linguistic University (5/17 Laboratorna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine).
3. Based on your suggestions, we have prepared the draft of the conference program. It's available under the link ( https://docs.google. com/spreadsheets/d/ 17J9U54pkxJ3Po2uncM2rzpU_ HbKU0seHAXV-eI4zuKY/ ).
4. WMF will provide a scholarship for representatives who don't have funding from their chapters (thematic organisations / user groups).
5. The registration form is here : http://goo.gl/forms/eIFTOHLguI

The details are available below.

1. The results of the poll about the suitable dates of CEEM-2014 are the following:
* 16 votes for Dec 5-7;
* 14 (+7 Ukr = 21) votes for Dec 12-14;
* 18 (+10 Ukr = 28) votes for Dec 19-21;

2. We decided to host the conference in Kyiv because it's the most suitable from logistic point of view and the major part of our org team seats at Kyiv.

3. Still there can be changes, but not dramatic ones. So if you want to replace some topic and add another one which can be more interesting for community, you're welcome to do that. Speakers and moderators were chosen based on suggestions from all countries - you will be more than welcome if you can confirm it by providing names of speakers/moderators and their presentations/talks.

4. On Monday (Dec, 17) we have got a negotiations with WMF and they gladly confirmed that they are ready to give any assistance we need. We are also submitting a PEG grant request for other costs.

5. We want to finish last preparations: confirm the level of discount for hotel rooms, make last revisions in hosting university (f.e. Wi-Fi signal, etc.) and we don't want to ask you to fill a lot of forms, we want to provide only one which will contain all necessary information.

Hope to see all you soon,
Best regards
Levon Azizian
Vice-Chair of board
Wikimedia Ukraine
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