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Sorry to say, I feel it is too late now for this; rather have a separate
CEE meeting/preconf day in Zurich at the chapters conf or have it in
February/March as the proposed dates are only 2-4 weeks from today.

Travelling would be much more expensive and possibly more complicated (the
further people coming from the more possible that many direct flights are
fully booked by now forcing people to change planes or change more than
once or take longer routes) than having it 2-3 months from today.

> 2014.11.11. 8:19, "Levon Azizian" <levonazizian at bigmir.net> ezt írta:
>> Dear friends, some of you mentioned that poll link in the previous
letter is not available. Due to this I'm mentioning the link as a text:
>> Thank you for reacting and participation!
>> Below is available the full text of letter.
>> From: Levon Azizian <levonazizian at bigmir.net>
>> Date: 2014-11-10 5:05 GMT+02:00
>> Subject: [WMCEE-l] CEEM-2014 in Ukraine
>> To: wmcee-l at tools.wikimedia.pl
>> Hi everybody!
After long discussions, just an hour ago, our chapter has decided to
host CEEM-2014 in Ukraine. Due to several reasons (including transport
connection and residence of the team members) we decided to prepare
the event in Kyiv. It is really necessary from you to mention suitable
dates of the meeting, so we're kindly asking you to fill the FORM.
>> FAQ:
- the draft of agenda will be available in 48 hours (if you have
wishes, we can include them);
>> - the question of scholarship will be solved as soon as it's possible;
>> - the dates of the meeting will be confirmed in one week;
- the address of the CEEM-2014 in Kyiv will be announced approximately
in two weeks.
>> The members of the team are:
>> - User:Antanana
>> - User:NickK
>> - User:Visem
>> - and me (User:Ліонкінг)
>> Regards,
>> Levon Azizian
>> Deputy chair
>> Wikimedia Ukraine
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>> WMCEE-l at tools.wikimedia.pl
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