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Mykola Kozlenko mycola-k at ukr.net
Wed Nov 12 01:42:48 CET 2014

Yes, it took us some time to work on organising this event (especially that we have a lot of stuff, most notably WMUA is also coordinating international WLE), but now we are ready to do it. 
Anna, we would be glad to get a help from WMF on scolarships - getting a PEG grant for WMUA and ordering tickets once this money received may take quite a long time - is there any better way to do it? 
To Anna and others: you can help us by filling in the pre-registration form http://goo.gl/forms/ZozAWFrMXl and forwarding it to those who have not done it. We need it for estimating attendance, but so far we have answers only for Ukraine, Macedonia, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus, Romania - and Anna :) Answers from other countries (especially Central Europe) would be very appreciated. 
We hope to make the decision on dates and publish projects of schedule and agenda within the next few days. 
Best regards, Mykola Kozlenko aka NickK Vice-Chair of Board of Wikimedia Ukraine / CEEM team 

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Від кого: "Anna Koval" <akoval at wikimedia.org> 
Дата: 10 листопада 2014, 18:27:55 

Dear WMUA and Everyone Else, 
I am so happy to hear this. Cпасибі, WMUA! :) 
I was watching the calendar near the end of the year and was wondering if this was in fact going to happen in 2014. I am thankful that WMUA is taking the lead and am glad that there will be an official opportunity for Central and Eastern European Wikimedians to come together to connect and share and learn.  
Please let me know how I can help from here. I really hope that I can attend. Any of those dates would work for me.  
My best to you all, 
Anna :) 
Anna Koval, M.Ed. 
Manager, Wikipedia Education Program 
Wikimedia Foundation 
+1.415.839.6885 x6729 
akoval at wikimedia.org 
On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 7:05 PM, Levon Azizian < levonazizian at bigmir.net > wrote: 
Hi everybody! 

After long discussions, just an hour ago, our chapter has decided to host CEEM-2014 in Ukraine. Due to several reasons (including transport connection and residence of the team members) we decided to prepare the event in Kyiv. It is really necessary from you to mention suitable dates of the meeting, so we're kindly asking you to fill the  form . 

- the draft of agenda will be available in 48 hours (if you have wishes, we can include them); 
- the question of scholarship will be solved as soon as it's possible; - the dates of the meeting will be confirmed in one week; 
- the address of the CEEM-2014 in Kyiv will be announced approximately in two weeks. 

The members of the team are: 
- User:Antanana 
- User:NickK 
- User:Visem 
- and me (User:Ліонкінг) 

Levon Azizian 
Deputy chair 
Wikimedia Ukraine 
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