[WMCEE-l] CEEM 2014 Meetup at Wikimania

Levon Azizian levonazizian at bigmir.net
Thu Jul 31 00:00:38 CEST 2014

Hi all!

This weekend we've got Fourth Ukrainian WikiConference in Kyiv. During this conference we've discussed about providing CEEM-2014 in Ukraine. I want to thank to Kiril, Balazs, Michal, Tomasz and Asaf for sharing opinions about that.

I wouldn't be at the Wikimania, but other representatives from Ukraine will take a part in Meetup on the topic of CEEM 2014. It would be very nice if you can join that meetup and take a part in conversation on the topic. You can register here. Thanks!

Regards, Levon Azizian
Wikimedia Ukraine
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