[WMCEE-l] Questions&Needs for WM CEE organisations

Michal Matúšov kubof at i-espero.info
Thu Aug 28 01:40:07 CEST 2014

Hi all.

I would like to remind you about Questions&Needs page on Meta:

It was created as result of WM CEE meetup on Wikimania and it is intended
to find areas where can our organisations learn and help one to another. As
this was proposed as valuable think and one of possible rationale for big
CEE Meeting, I would like ask you to fill it out. Or, is there still
willingness for collabouration and the Meeting 2014?


Michal Matúšov
SKEJ - Slovenská esperantská mládež, http://skej.esperanto.sk/
Slovenská esperantská federácia (podpredseda)
Wikimedia Slovenská republika, (predseda) http://wikimedia.sk/
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