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Balázs Viczián balazs.viczian at wikimedia.hu
Wed Apr 3 21:21:44 CEST 2013

Maybe how about converting this into a "media day" attached to the WM CEE


2013/3/29 Juan de Vojníkov <juandevojnikov at gmail.com>

> Hi folks!
> I am coining with the idea to organize Media workshop by the end of summer
> in the Czech Republic. The aim is to strengthen knowledge of making quality
> media within Wikimedians of CEE region and find ways how to get more
> participants to our media harvesting projects.
> The 3 day weekend schedule might be:
> 1) taking photos
>     a) beginners
>     b) intermediate
> 2) Photos adjustments (GIMP) and upload
>     a) beginners
>     b) intermediate
> 3) transformation of video and converting to Theora
> 4) taking recordings and their processing
> 5) Brainstorming upon dissemination and marketing of CEE media projects
> Czech community has long experience with organizing media related
> educational events, but also Wikimedians with such skills. But also you,
> Wikimedians from other countries have valuable knowledge from participating
> in different media related events.
> Regards,
> Juandev
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