[WMCEE-l] CEE Meeting 2012

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 07:31:48 CET 2011

2011/12/4 Tomasz Kozłowski <odder.wiki at gmail.com>:
> It has came to my attention in the past few days that the Czech chapter is
> *not* going to organise the meeting in Prague in February. Specifically
> because we haven't heard from the people that were supposed to check out the
> possibility to organise such a conference in Prague.
> There is, however, a rumour that the Serbian chapter is capable of hosting
> our conference in June. I would like us to focus on this proposal in the
> upcoming weeks and hear from the Serbian guys whether it's possible to have
> the conference in Serbia and on what conditions.
> I can't speak on behalf of Wikimedia Poland, but as far as I see, it has
> been suggested to reserve €5,000 for the conference and the Polish
> Wikimedians were really enthusiastic about that meeting during Wikimania in
> Haifa -- so if the Serbian team would be willing to host the conference,
> there is most likely going to be a huge support from us.
> So, basically -- if the WMRS is willing to host the conference (in June or
> whatever month), we should be starting the work really soon. Just let us
> know so we can think the details over.

WMRS is able to organize that in April, May or June, depending on
other events (Chapters conference, Hackathon).

Our funds are:
* ~3000 EUR for the venue. That's overvalued, but that's not our
money, but the City of Belgrade will give that money to their
institution, Youth Cultural Center. For that money we have everything
needed: large venue (two rooms for up to 100 seats, one hall for up to
300 seats and cinema hall with up to 1000 seats), technical support
and similar. I'll arrange internet connection (with Manuel Schneider's
help :) ) in one or another way. However, we should articulate what
exactly we need ASAP.
* Likely ~2000 EUR for, let's say, meals or catering. That money will
likely to be available (Youth Cultural Center asked the City of
Belgrade for ~5000 EUR for the conference), but we'll know if that
amount of money would be available on time a month or two before the
event. Thus, we should have 2k EUR in reserve.
* If we make the conference during the first weekend of any month,
we'll have Saturday event already covered by WMF grant.

Everything rest should be used for travel and accommodations. 5k EUR
from WMPL and 1k EUR from WMHU should be enough for 40-50 participants
if we buy air tickets on time (fro those who need air transport),
which should be enough for ~2 representatives per country with chapter
or with active group planning to create a chapter (from CEE, of
course). I also suppose that Wikimedians from Austria, Germany and
Switzerland could count on their chapters for travel and accommodation
expenses. We should also ask WMF for funds, as it's likely that some
more funds will be needed.

So, may we create a team for preparing conference? WMPL and WMHU
should delegate at least one delegate [per chapter, of course]. WMRS
should delegate more than one person for organization, likely two or
three. Manuel Schneider told us that he'll help in setting up internet
connection. Others are welcome, as well. Organizational team (or at
least a part of it) should meet at least once in Belgrade before the

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