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temat eksploracji tekstow i danych staje sie coraz czesciej omawiany, a jednoczesnie jest dosc trudny - jest okazja by dowiedziec sie wiecej, Ben White to bibliotekarz z angielskiej British Library ktory swietnie zna sie na sprawie.


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> Subject: [EIFL-OA] EIFL-IP Webinar - Text and data mining: what librarians need to know
> Date: January 17, 2014 12:04:43 GMT+01:00
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> http://www.eifl.net/events/webinar-text-and-data-mining
> What is text and data mining? Why is it vital for research? What does
> it mean for librarians who support researchers and other users, and
> provide access to electronic content? How does it affect licence
> agreements with publishers? These questions and more will be answered
> in an EIFL webinar for librarians.
> Background
> Text and data mining of large datasets is often described as the new
> frontier for science and research. By enabling links to be made
> between otherwise unconnected documents, it is already generating new
> knowledge and discoveries in areas as diverse as biological science,
> particle physics, and media and communications. It also creates
> opportunities for innovation that have huge potential economic and
> social value.
> What will the webinar cover?
> Benjamin White (Head of Intellectual Property at the British Library)
> will provide a clear introduction to what text and data mining is, and
> how it differs from other methods of information retrieval - for
> example online search engines and resource discovery tools.
> He will discuss the copyright framework, and the changes needed so
> that libraries can help researchers to advance knowledge, as well as
> how requirements for text and data mining impact on licence agreements
> with publishers.
> After the presentation, there will be a question and answer session
> with Benjamin and Ben O’Steen, a researcher in the area of digital
> scholarship at the British Library, who can talk from personal
> experience about how text and data mining is transforming research.
> The webinar is hosted by the EIFL-Licensing Programme and the EIFL-IP
> (Copyright and Libraries) Programme.
> Related resources
> Value and benefits of text mining, JISC (2012)
> A new clause on text and data mining has recently been added to the
> EIFL Model Licence, and this important amendment was covered in an
> EIFL-Licensing webinar in October 2013. Access the recording.
> Download the presentation slides.
> Registration information
> Date: Thursday 6 February 2014
> Time: 10.00 GMT, 11.00 CET for one hour. Check the time in your
> country by going here and comparing GMT or CET with your city/country
> time.
> Who can participate: Numbers are limited so priority will be given to
> librarians from EIFL-partner countries. Others who wish to attend will
> be placed on a waiting list and will be notified a few days before the
> webinar if there is space.
> How to register: Please email rebecca.neilson [at] eifl.net with the
> following details:
> Your name:
> Your job title:
> Your institution:
> Your country:
> Is your institution a member of an EIFL-partner consortium?
> We will use Instant Presenter to connect. All you need is a computer
> with a browser and internet access. To check that your browser will
> successfully access the session, please go to
> www.instantpresenter.com/systemtest.
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