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Hello  –

Since the Nobel Prize ceremony in December, eLife Editor-in-chief  
Randy Schekman has put some of the most important issues in scientific  
research under the spotlight, including research assessment and the  
pressure to publish. It’s high time that things began to change.  
Another individual who’s been pressing for change and openness in  
science is Ben Goldacre, campaigner and best-selling author of Bad  
Pharma and Bad Science.

This Friday, Randy and Ben will speak together for the first time  
about key issues relevant to the future of science.

They’re hosting a live Twitter chat Friday at 5pm GMT (12pm  
Eastern).You can join in. If you don’t already, follow eLife on  
Twitter now, and meet us there on Friday.


Watch for #benandrandy.

An acclaimed science writer, academic, and physician, Ben Goldacre  
focuses on the implementation and misuse of science by journalists,  
politicians, drug companies, and others.

In their chat, he and Randy will discuss scientific research  
practices, exploring how changes in access, incentives, and rewards  
can make the system more effective for practitioners and the public.

We invite you to be part of the conversation. Follow eLife on Twitter  
now and join the discussion on Friday:   

Best wishes,


Mark Patterson
Executive Director, eLife
eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd
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