[Koalicja-l] Fwd: September 2013 Find out more about the status of PSI and open data in Europe!

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    Temat: September 2013 Find out more about the status of PSI and  
open data in Europe!
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This issue:

Experts Input
Featured event
Topic Report

Scoreboard: Take a look at your country’s performance in the European  
PSI Scoreboard at http://epsiplatform.eu/content/european-psi-scoreboard

Twitter: Most popular discussion using the #epsi hashtag
A discussion on How To Open Your Data at #ePSI #workshop in #Budapest:  
see the agenda at http://t.co/SrefIhGfxE #OpenData
Greek Open Data Portal Now In Beta http://t.co/CwLsHomLZH #Greece  
#OpenData #ePSI
How to open your data? An overview of the technical aspects of  
#OpenData at the #ePSI #workshop in #Budapest  http://bit.ly/1cB827S

Experts Input
Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Lecturer at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Across the European Union, member states are setting up official data  
catalogues to facilitate access to public sector information. The  
metadata of these portals should be interoperable so that they can be  
easily accessed and accurately described. To that end, the W3C  
Government Linked Data Working Group has developed DCAT (Data Catalog  
Vocabulary), an RDF vocabulary for describing the metadata for data  
catalogs. Several European data catalogs have adapted DCAT, but there  
are some inconsistencies in its use. The next steps are to provide  
multilingual support and make adaptations for cultural divergences.  
Doing so will ensure a wider adoption of the vocabulary and improve  
the interoperability of the metadata.

Featured event
Open Access Conference in Greece
Athens, Greece 16-18 October 2013
The National Documentation Centre in Greece (EKT)  
(http://www.ekt.gr/en/) will be holding an international conference on  
Open Access to scientific knowledge. The "Open Access @ EKT"  
conference will be held on October 16-18 in Athens. Read more at  

Topic Report of the month

Impact of Standards in European Open Data Catalogues. A Multilingual  
perspective of DCAT
Authors: Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Boris Villazón-Terrazas
Several countries from around the world are currently establishing,  
open data platforms. Within the European Union, member states are  
setting up official data catalogues as entry points to simplify public  
access to PSI (Public Sector Information) of the country.
In this context it is important to describe the metadata of these data  
portals, i.e., data catalogs and allow the interoperability among  
those. To tackle these issues, the Government Linked Data Working  
Group is developing DCAT (Data Catalogue Vocabulary), an RDF  
vocabulary for describing the metadata of data catalogs. This topic  
report describes the advantages of having a standard for data  
catalogues and analyses the multilingual perspective of DCAT.
To read the entire report please click here  


The ePSI Platform Workshop in Budapest!
Constructive debate at the ePSI Platform workshop in Budapest - The  
workshop provided an excellent opportunity to share good practices  
related to the reuse of public open data and to network with key  
decision makers in the world of Public Sector Information in Hungary  
and beyond!. Read more at  

Next European Data Forum 2014 announced - call for contributions to follow
The next edition of European Data Forum EDF (EDF2014 -  
http://2014.data-forum.eu/) has been announced. The annual meeting  
will be held in Athens, Greece on March 19-20, 2014, and the call for  
contributions and exhibitions will follow soon.
This year's program will be comprised of a mixture of keynotes,  
presentations, panels, networking and exhibition sessions by industry,  
academics, policy makers, and community initiatives on topics covering  
the whole spectrum of research and technology development,  
applications, and socio-economic aspects of the data value chain. Read  
more at  

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