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Response from Taylor and Francis

*UPDATE:* Here's a response from a spokeswoman for the publisher of the
Journal of Library Administration, Taylor and Francis:

"Taylor & Francis is concerned to address the misunderstandings that have
arisen in commentaries around the resignation of the Journal of Library
Administration (JLA) Board.

JLA authors have the best "Green OA" route option available. As for all
other journals in our Library & Information Science (LIS) portfolio, JLA
authors do not have to pay an Author Publishing Charge (APC) in order to
achieve full OA from the point of publication. Under our LIS pilot program,
authors can freely post their ("post-print") manuscript immediately on
publication - ie without any embargo. For a complete explanation of our
current LIS Author Rights Policy, please visit the following link:

There is no requirement for JLA authors to pay an APC in order to publish
in the JLA or to get immediate full-text Open Access of their articles.
Taylor & Francis' APC paid OA model, T&F Open Select, has been implemented
as an option for authors to comply with the recent RCUK and Wellcome Trust
mandate on those journals where there is an embargo period on author
accepted version posting in a repository:

The regrettable circumstances around the resignation of the JLA Board have
highlighted the complexities of the current arena. This is characterised by
a range of Open Access models, alongside a range of licences, in the quest
to meet the different requirements being set by various funding bodies
around the world.

Taylor & Francis has a range of licences designed to meet author and funder
needs. We regularly review author documents, and since late last year we
have been working on new versions for release. These versions will provide
greater choice and more immediate clarity to our authors about the rights
they retain.

We trust this information is helpful.

Sarah Blatchford - Regional Director Routledge/Taylor & Francis

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2013/3/28 Bożena Bednarek-Michalska <b.michalska w bu.uni.torun.pl>

> dzielni bibliotekarze'
> jak zawsze walcza o prawa autorow i czytelnikow
> Cytowanie Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek w gmail.com>:
>  Taka historia:
>> http://www.theverge.com/2013/**3/26/4149752/library-journal-**
>> resigns-for-open-access-**citing-aaron-swartz<http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/26/4149752/library-journal-resigns-for-open-access-citing-aaron-swartz>
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