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Pon, 6 Wrz 2010, 12:43:22 CEST

[Forwarded message from OER-advocacy coalition]

John Robertson (CETIS http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/ ) in collaboration with
Open Michigan (https://open.umich.edu/ ) is undertaking a short survey
the current and potential role for libraries and OER publication and
use. Results of this 10 question survey will inform John's paper at Open

Ed 2010 and possible future work. If you have any questions about the
survey, please contact robert.robertson w strath.ac.uk

The survey is available at http://polldaddy.com/s/67EA133FBDEB56B0

For those with more interest in this topic, John wrote a blog post on
OER and libraries at

The Open.Michigan post on OER and libraries is at

Ted Hanss
Director, Office of Enabling Technologies
University of Michigan Medical School

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