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Some of you may be interested in this. Proposals are due May 15.


In recognition of the coming of age of OER, this year’s Call for Proposals
> is organized around seven strands:
>    - Long term sustainability of open education projects
>    - International copyright and intellectual property rights issues
>    - Lessons learned from Open and Distance Learning for the Open
>    Education movement
>    - How OER differ from other digital educational resources.
>    - Open education policy and strategy
>    - Best cases in OER
>       - Are they designed differently (do standard design principles like
>       the split attention effect apply?)
>       - Are they used differently (do standard practices for effective use
>       of media apply?)
>       - What’s really different about OER?
>       - Do they deserve a separate label?
>    - Open Ed on the cheap

Open Education 2010
OER: Impact and Sustainability
7th Annual Open Education Conference
November 2-4, 2010
Barcelona, Spain

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