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2010/4/15 Bożena Bednarek-Michalska <b.michalska w bu.uni.torun.pl>:
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>   Temat: [Communia-members] Europeana Public Domain Charter
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> Dear all,
> as some of you may have seen Europeana has published the the Europeana
> Public Domain Charter yesterday (available at
> http://version1.europeana.eu/web/europeana-project/publications see the
> announcement to Europeana members below). This charter has once started as
> the sibling of our public domain manifesto (the initial version was forked
> from an early version of the PD manifesto somewhen in the summer of 2009).
> Since then the charter has evolved considerably to accommodate for the
> specific perspective of Europeana and its contributors and is specifically
> addressing questions that are relevant to cultural (and scientific) heritage
> institutions.
> While some parts of the charter are somewhat 'weaker' than the manifesto the
> overall message of the charter is very much in line with the manifesto. As
> the manifesto the charter makes a strong argument for the need to preserve
> the vital role of the Public Domain in the digital environment.
> As far as i am concerned it is quite remarkable that many of the positions
> taken by the Public Domain manifesto have been adopted by an organization as
> big and complex as Europeana and for me this illustrates the impact that our
> - relatively humble - thematic network can have.
> Please help spreading the Public Domain Charter (if you are in a position o
> do so) and feel free to send your feedback to this list (and to europeana at
> info w europeana.eu)
> all the best from amsterdam,
> Paul Keller
> Begin forwarded message:
>> Today Europeana officially publishes the Public Domain Charter
>> <http://version1.europeana.eu/web/europeana-project/publications>.
>> It takes a strong position in support of the Public Domain, saying that:
>> * Europeana belongs to the public and must represent the public interest.
>> * The Public Domain is the material from which society creates cultural
>> understanding and knowledge. Having a thriving Public Domain is essential
>> to
>> economic and social well-being.
>> * Digitisation of Public Domain content does not create new rights over
>> it. Works
>> that are in the Public Domain in analogue form continue to be in the
>> Public Domain
>> once they have been digitised.
>> The Charter is published in French, German, English, Polish, Spanish and
>> Italian.
>> It's important to Europeana that all our partners recognise the issues
>> involved in
>> the Public Domain Charter, and promote its main points to funding bodies,
>> policy-makers, and their own professional networks throughout Europe.
>> The Charter is published by the Europeana Foundation, our governing body
>> (now
>> completing its name change from the EDL Foundation). The Charter is a
>> policy
>> statement, not a contract. It doesn't bind any of Europeana's content
>> providers. It
>> recognises the dilemma in which heritage institutions find themselves. Our
>> partners'
>> drive to digitise and make Public Domain content accessible is tempered by
>> a
>> recognition of the costs involved, and the need to arrive at the most
>> appropriate
>> agreements with those who are willing and able to fund digitisation
>> programmes -
>> including the private sector.
>> We are developing plans to label the rights associated with a digitised
>> item very
>> clearly so that they are understood by Europeana's users, who will be able
>> to
>> exclude content from their results that requires payment or doesn't comply
>> with the
>> Public Domain Charter. Rights labelling will become a requirement when
>> submitting
>> content to Europeana by the end of this year.
>> While Public-Private Partnerships are an important means of getting
>> content
>> digitised, the Charter recommends that deals are non-exclusive, for very
>> limited
>> time periods, and don't take material out of the Public Domain.
>> The majority of our partner organisations have for generations held a
>> mandate to
>> conserve the cultural and scientific heritage, and make it accessible to
>> the public.
>> Benefiting the user is the primary objective in any negotiation to
>> digitise public
>> domain content. Europeana's Public Domain Charter takes a pragmatic
>> approach, making
>> recommendations and offering guidance to policy makers and funding bodies
>> as well as
>> heritage content holders.
>> The Charter is published by the Europeana Foundation to represent the
>> content
>> holders' perspective. It has been developed through extensive consultation
>> with
>> stakeholders and is published in support of the recent Public Domain
>> Manifesto
>> <http://publicdomainmanifesto.org> . The Manifesto represents the content
>> users'
>> perspective and is published by Communia
>> <http://communia-project.eu/members
>> > , a group of educational and research bodies, consumer agencies,
>> > technology developers
>> and think tanks.
>> The Europeana Foundation is made up of the associations that represent the
>> interests
>> of Europe's cultural heritage institutions:
>> *         ACE                       Association Cinémathèques Européennes
>> *         CENL                    Conference of European National
>> Librarians
>> *         CERL                    Consortium of European Research
>> Libraries
>> *         EMF                       European Museum Forum
>> *         EURBICA              European Regional Branch of Intl. Council
>> on Archives
>> *         FIAT                       Intl. Federation of Television
>> Archives
>> *         IASA                      International Association of Sound and
>> Audiovisual Archives
>> *         ICOM Europe        International Council of Museums Europe
>> *         LIBER                    Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de
>> Recherche
>> *         MICHAEL               Multilingual Inventory of Cultural
>> Heritage in Europe
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